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Visit Marseille

Discover the best places to visit during your stay!

The Old Port of Marseille is just round the corner!

Discover the Marseille atmosphere along the Old Port of Marseille!  The iconic “Vieux Port" will delight you by its numerous assets. It spreads from the sumptuous “Palais du Pharo” to the historic "Fort Saint Jean" and leads you to the popular MuCEM. Take the time to have a long stroll along the quays to admire the authentic and enchanting landscape surrounding you. Discover the different museums and famous districts such as the Opera or the Panier. Then, have a break and enjoy the large choice of restaurants, bars and cafés.
When the sun set, contemplate the colours of the Old Port slowly changing. A rich and wonderful experience!
The Hotel Carré Vieux Port is located in the heart of the old port and makes it easy to discover the beauty of Marseille's Vieux Port.

If Castle and Frioul (shuttle boats on the Vieux Port)

The If Castle is accessible by shuttle boat where the starting point is on the left side of the Old Port when you look at the sea. This prison made famous by the novel of Monte Cristo, offers a magnificent view on Marseille. The tours are priced.
The Frioul Island is wilder ... although you will find a sweet harbor and a few restaurants. Have a walk through the trails to discover a little creek that will make you dream! Note that this place is also popular for locals ...

The company Frioul-If provides express routes regularly and seasonally.

The Panier area (500 meters away from the Hotel)

Discover the typical charm of the Panier district, Marseille's historical core. "Le Panier" is located only a few meters away from the Old Port. Enjoy an authentic experience walking through its Mediterranean-coloured picturesque alleys. Take the time to discover the artists and craftsmen's shops and workshops and their traditional Marseille products. Try the delicious "navettes", a famous traditional biscuit from Marseille, or smell the different "savons de Marseille" (Marseille soap) and chose your favourite. On your way, don't miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Old Charity (Vieille Charité), one of the most famous monuments in Marseille.
From the Hotel Carré, have a 5-minute walk and you will be in the Panier district.

The MuCEM (1,3 km away from the Hotel)

The MuCEM (Museum of Europe and the Mediterranean) is Marseille's new jewel. It opened on the occasion of Marseille Provence 2013, when Marseille was the European capital of culture. Four months after the MuCEM opened its doors in June 2013, it was already celebrating the visit of its millionth visitor! The MuCEM is very special and innovative in several ways. The architecture of this monument is outstanding. It is located on the large J4 esplanade where you will enjoy a nice view on the Pharo Palace and on the Old Port. The MuCEM showcases exhibitions about the Mediterranean culture and art and some topical subjects linked to the Mediterranean area and to the French society. If you walk across the footbridge between the MuCEM and the Fort Saint Jean, you'll get to admire a magnificent panorama
The MuCEM is a wonderful 15-minute walk away from the hotel.

Museum of Marseille soap (500m of Hotel)

Finally! The first museum of the real soap of Marseille!

You will discover the manufacturing process of our authentic soap: in the form of an intense journey, the visitor can learn in 20 minutes the key points of this product of the soil and make his own soap Marseille.

To test quickly, especially as the MuSaMa is only 5 minutes walk from the Hotel Carré Vieux Port.

The Soap Museum
1 rue Henri Fiocca
13001 Marseille